As the Premier League kicked off this weekend – there’s no better time to analyse how Premier League clubs have embraced social media to engage with their supporters in the UK and across the world.


The Premier League, often promoted as “The Greatest Show On Earth”, is broadcast to over 600+ million people in over 200 countries across the globe every season. The Premier League also attracts a surprisingly large number of tourists to the UK, with VisitBritain suggesting 750,000 visitors to Britain in 2010 attended a match – spending £595 million.


So for the clubs, social media provides a pivotal communications channel to keep domestic and international supporters up-to-date with interviews and the latest news from the players, squads and staff – all with the objective of creating brand loyalty, awareness and popularity to get fans buying into the brand and its products/serivces (e.g. match day tickets, corporate hospitality, shirts and merchandise).


For this analysis – I have used the team I support (Southampton FC) as the example of how football clubs use social media. Like football, I’ve also considered the strategies of Southampton’s competition to see where they could further enhance their experience for supporters and fans.


Please enjoy the Prezi below!

What are your thoughts on Southampton’s use of social media? Do you think they do anything well or badly? Tell us your thought below!