Sparkstone Creative can provide ecommerce solutions for Magento, which lets you to get the full benefits of open source software with our extensive knowledge of web design and ecommerce.

Why choose Magento?

Magento is an extremely powerful and flexible content management system – and is becoming increasingly popular with retailers due to its open-source nature (over 150,000 Magento stores to be more precise). The platform is a favourite amongst retailers for a number of reasons, here are a handful:

  • Search engine friendliness – Magento functionality allows for search engine friendly URLs unlike a number of ecommerce CMS systems and it has the ability to control all the elements of on-page content with ease.
  • Integrated marketing tools as standard – Commercially attractive functionality for coupon codes, quantity discounts, landing pages, product bundles and a host of other promotions is integrated as standard.
  • Simple website management – The content management system can be granular in detail without being overbearing to inexperienced users.
  • Powerful checkout, payment and shipping functionality – One page checkouts, guest checkouts, saved shopping carts and order tracking functionality make up part of Magento’s impressive user experience.
  • Integrated order management – Functionality again found on top-of-the-range, bespoke CMS’s as stardard – call centre order creation, assisted shopping and invoice and shipping label printing are a few examples.
  • Customer accounts built in – Ability for customers to view their order history, re-order products, create wishlists, download digital products – again all available “out of the box”.
  • Mobile commerce integration – Magento can support iPhone, iPad and Android devices without hundreds of development hours.
  • International support ready to go – Support for multiple currencies, tax rates and localisation all included if you want to expand into new markets in the future.

Make Magento super stylish

Harness the power of Magento with our wealth of experience and knowledge of ecommerce and content management systems.

We can deliver a visually stunning experience for your brand’s customers effortlessly – with our creative services to formulate designs and our development department to implement these concepts seamlessly.