Our PPC (pay-per-click) management services can take care of your search engine and social media advertising campaigns, whether you are an existing user or are exploring paid search for the first time.

The Sparkstone Creative approach to PPC

  • We expand your reach – We refine every element of your campaigns to deliver more highly targeted ads for your audience.
  • We achieve a better ROI - with strategic account and bid management together with landing page optimisation to promote conversions.
  • Your success is our success – Sparkstone Creative aim to create long term strategic partnerships with our clients.

How we achieve PPC success

We widen your reach by identifying the most effective use of ads for your business; refining your PPC keywords, ad texts, ad groups and bids to deliver highly targeted and positioned ads for your audience. If your business has potential to expand abroad, then PPC advertising can also offer a cost effective route to market. We can target specific audiences across the globe to increase your exposure and drive additional sales.

Boost your return on investment

We achieve commercial success from a variety of approaches. From achieving a lower cost per click (CPC) with strategic account and bid management, increasing your click through rate (CTR) with compelling ad text and reducing your cost per order (CPO) by improving the impact of landing pages and increasing conversions – we can effectively manage your paid advertising to a specified budget.

Shared success

Sparkstone Creative is not just another digital agency. We aim to develop long term strategic partnerships with our clients by identifying business opportunities and creating innovative solutions to make them happen. If you are looking to get a better return on investment for your PPC spend, or are looking to start using paid advertising for the first time – you should contact us.