Park Cameras – e-commerce

A responsive website for today’s mobile led internet

Park Cameras are one of the UK’s leading providers of camera and lens equipment. With just two high street stores they rely heavily on their e-commerce website to boost their sales turnover as well as their brand image.

Park Cameras are a long time partner with Sparkstone, utilising most of the functionality of our Epos & Stock Management systems. They asked Sparkstone Creative to provide a new website that would increase sales to their growing number of mobile visitors who want a site that is fast and easy to use. So we designed and delivered a responsive website that adapts to the user’s screen size without cutting down on content. It’s an important distinction to make from many mobile websites, which are becoming increasingly penalised by Google’s search algorithms for their lack of content.

It’s a strategy that seems to have paid off, as in the weeks following go live both website visits and customer conversions appear to be up significantly on previous months.

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