Good research is at the heart of every commercial endeavour. So at Sparkstone Creative, research forms a major part of our processes. Having insights into your business operations will allow you to successfully establish strategies to improve customer service, staff morale and public perceptions to achieve long term success.

Insightful knowledge and solutions

  • Marketing performance – Get the practical information that’s required to make marketing decisions by using our expertise to identify and prioritise what you want to achieve and the metrics that measure it.
  • Customer satisfaction/opinions – Sparkstone Creative can guage how your business interacts with its target audience and how it its perceived to it’s customer base impartially and cost effectively to identify where you can improve your brand perception.
  • Commercial benchmarking – Establish what your business should be achieving commercially for the industry you are in and establish achievable targets with our strategy services to drive success for the future.
  • Community engagement – We can analyse how you and your competitors interact with industry bodies, local communities, clubs and societies, charities and the media to establish opportunities in building brand and product awareness, reputation and interest effectively and affordably.
  • Internal research – Gain valuable insights into morale, ambition and management perception to rejuvenate your employees motivation and re-engage them to commercial targets.

Discover opportunities for growth

Let Sparkstone Creative find opportunities for your brand to increase:

  • brand reputation
  • brand awareness
  • customer loyalty
  • customer service
  • consumer knowledge
  • staff morale
  • marketing ROI
  • revenue
  • average order value (AOV)
  • lead generation
  • sales/orders/conversions
  • and many more!

Our cost effective and practical approach to digital and traditional marketing allows us to provide effective solutions to clients of with all sizes of budget.