Actioned website audits can help improve your user’s experience, benefit search engine optimisation efforts and deliver increased conversions and profits.

Website audits – a critical analysis of your web operations

To fully evaluate your website’s customer experience, Sparkstone Creative thoroughly examine:

On-page ranking factors

  • Readability of text content – We analyse the readability of your web content to establish if there are issues with the grammar, spelling and the use of terminology that is commonly used to search for your industry’s products/services.
  • Consistency of text content – In addition to analysing the readability of your website’s written material, Sparkstone Creative analyse the consistency of your text to ensure your operation has a consistent style in terms of tone of voice, calls to action etc.
  • Duplicate content analysis – We analyse your written content to ensure there isn’t multiple instances of your content internally or externally, as the search engines are constantly seeking to reduce the amount of content plagiarised online.
  • HTML markup – It’s hard to overstate the importance of particular elements of a webpage. With that in mind, we review the content placed within page titles, meta descriptions and other <head> tags to identify if further on-page optimisation is required to increase visibility on the search engines.
  • Outbound linking – Linking to another site is effectively an indorsement of the receiving page’s quality. So an important part of our auditing process is to evaluate whether your website is linking to high quality sources.

Off-page ranking factors

  • Website popularity and trustworthiness –  Popular websites can attract more attention, so we review your website’s popularity a it’s a valuable predictor of ongoing success.
  • Backlink profile – Your website’s quality is largely defined by the quality of websites linking to it. So in one of the most important steps of our process – we analyse the backlink profile of your website and identify opportunities to improve upon it.
  • Social engagement – Social media is becoming increasingly important to web users and the ability to attract social mentions is analysed by us to establish if you should be communicating with your audience more often.

Website accessibility

  • Robots.txt file – Checks to ensure your website isn’t incorrectly blocking access to search engine spiders.
  • Sitemaps – Checks to ensure your sitemap, the roadmap for search engine crawlers, is correctly set-up so they can find all of your website’s pages.
  • Website architecture – Website architecture defines the structure of your website. Our analysis examines the vertical depth and horizontal breadths of your website i.e. the category and subcategory levels of your navigation.
  • JavaScript and Flash usage – Search engines are getting better at reading Flash and JavaScript for content but are still to a relatively high degree incapable to analyse it – so we check your website construction for usage.
  • Website speed – Users today demand fast loading times and search engines have a limited time to search for information on a given domain. So, websites that load swiftly are crawled more thoroughly and consistantly than slower websites.

Website indexability

  • Number of pages indexed – We check to see how many of your website’s page are part of the search engine’s index and compare the number against the total number of pages that are hosted on your website.
  • Search engine penalty checks – We check to see if you have been penalised by the search engines due to a webmaster guideline breach.
  • Brand visibility – We check to see if your brand is visible to people searching for it on the search engines to ensure other companies are not reducing visibility.


From a systematic site audit of your brand’s website, Sparkstone Creative can provide practical and prioritised recommendations for improvement – empowering you with the knowledge to enhance your operations and drive commercial success.